New: Create Your Own Movie Lists

We already had the benefits of creating our own personal lists with movies to share with you, for example a list with the 8 Best Pixar Movies or 6 Mars Movies That Will Prepare You for the Martian. The beauty of creating these lists is that now everyone can make them and share their opinion! If you disagree with our 8 Best Pixar Movies, simply create your own version and share that one with others and see what they think.

Now how does it work?

Simply go to a movie you want to add to a list, for example: The Martian (yes because it’s opening this weekend, at times of writing).


As you can see on the top right a new button arrived with the ‘ + ‘. Click on it and you’ll be able to add the movie to a certain list.


add to list

Just click on Add and it will be added to your list. To add it to a new list, simply click on “Create new list” and you can specify your own new list.

create list

Just specify the title for your list and a short description. You also have the possibility to make your list private, in that case nobody can see the contents of your list.

the list

In the end this is what you get! A beautiful list of your own, to share with your friends & family. Now try for yourself at (login required).