It’s a Blog!

Welcome & Hello to the MovieTap blog,

MovieTap is a platform to make watching movies & TV-shows easier. We do not offer watching the movies or episodes themselves, but we help you not to forget any move you’ve ever seen or want to watch! The same goes for TV-shows.


Well most sites offer you the ability to add a movie to a watchlist. That’s it. We missed the functionality to add a movie to the checklist and get an easy overview of all the movies we’ve seen! MovieTap is that, but not just that. It has combined the functionality of many features for TV-shows & movies. MovieTap can be seen as more than just a database! We offer many features that most sites do not offer and want to extent these features even more…

What to expect?

We want to make it as easy as possible for you to manage your movies & TV-shows, this includes a mobile App in the future, but for now we have optimized our website to work perfectly on your mobile with the same functionalities as the website. Besides managing the movies you do know, we also want you to discover new ones! Very soon a new feature will be launched to help you discover those new movies based on your preferences. Off course as easy to use as the rest of the website.

For now enjoy adding movies & TV-shows to your watchlist/checklist!

MovieTap team